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Guardian At-Home Training

The emphasis of this training is learning to break free from long-established patterns that limit your abilities and impact your perceptions of self, others, and your community. By engaging in different exercises from the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn to see yourself and the world in new ways…

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Wilderness Guide Program

In this 11-month wilderness immersion experience, participants live day-to-day in a native-modeled encampment, learning and practicing the essential qualitative skills of communication and cooperation, along with all the skills needed to build, maintain, and live in a North Woods primitive camp.

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Family Wilderness Guide Program

The theme of the Family Wilderness Guide Program is natural child rearing. Parents with children, along with childless couples and single people who want to learn the clan living and parenting skills of hunter-gatherers are invited to attend this 11-month life-changing adventure…

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The Teaching Drum Outdoor School is home to the Wilderness Guide and Wild Moon Immersion Programs, the only wilderness living experiences of their kind. They were created to meet the growing need of people who wish to reconnect with nature, return to a balanced relationship with the Earth and themselves, and strengthen their communities. 

Our purpose is to bring back the craft, foraging, and cultural practices of our native ancestors, and to help us return to a balanced way of life. Learning is by immersion in the wilderness with a small clan of people. This provides participants the opportunity to learn ancient skills and customs as they were actually practiced. Participants experience a homecoming welcome by the wilderness community which has been established since time immemorial, and which is willing and able to model the ways of honor, respect, and balance that allows its members to thrive and gift abundantly. Learn more about us.

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Learn more about our programs through our blog, Wilderness Life Chronicles, where we share the latest stories of trainees in the field. Also be sure to check out Tamarack Song’s latest writings in his blog, 
Mongrel Drivel

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Check out our YouTube channel here for videos on our immersion programs, interviews with trainees and guides, information on primitive living skills, and documentary trailers.

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If you yearn to dwell more in communion with the natural world, would enjoy a simple lifestyle of heating with wood, eating an organic and wild foods diet, and desire to live in community, then you might be interested in learning more about our open positions

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