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TEACHING DRUM’S BOOKSTORE features the writings of Tamarack Song, the founder and director of Teaching Drum Outdoor School and an award winning author. We also carry books by select authors and the esteemed Wild Sounds of the Northwoods CD by Lang Elliott, a compilation of 100 species of birds, mammals, frogs, and insects inhabiting the northwoods of Wisconsin.

All profits from book sales go directly toward supporting Teaching Drum Outdoor School and the Brother Wolf Foundation so that we can continue to offer outdoor and wildlife education at a nominal cost. If you are interested in learning how you can help further the School’s mission by making a direct contribution, you can visit our donations page here.

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Tamarack Song is the founder and director of Teaching Drum Outdoor School and an award winning author. In 1987, he founded Teaching Drum Outdoor School. In 1994, he published his first book, Journey to the Ancestral Self, and has since published many more. He continues to write on the topics of the Native lifeway, connecting with Nature, healing, wilderness survival skills, and Zen.

To learn more about Tamarack and his writings, visit his website here.

To learn about Snow Wolf Publishing, a nonprofit publisher founded in 2008 by Tamarack, visit Snow Wolf Publishing’s website here.

Books by Tamarack


From practical crafts and skills to child rearing and the quest for self-knowing, Tamarack’s writings span the spectrum of Native lifeway. He has nearly 30 books worth of material, which are now being prepared for publication. In the meantime, people are asking for guidance on vital topics. In order to meet the need, we are making some of Tamarack’s unpublished materials available as self-published booklets, in both hand-bound printed versions and e-books. When the material appears in published book form, the booklets will be discontinued.

We are currently phasing out the hard copy versions of the booklets, but will continue to offer the digital versions which can be purchased from our digital media store.


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