Glossary of Terms

Different Ways of Telling Time

mealtime = the time it takes to sit down and eat a meal

egg roast = the time it takes to roast an egg by the fire

sun = day

moon = month

quarter moon = about a week

turn of the seasons = one year

green season = time of year where the leaves and plants are growing and green

white season = time of year when the earth is covered in snow

Ojibwe Terms

You may see different spellings in different places. The Ojibwe language is not really a written language, and there have been different attempts to standardize spellings over the years. The essence of the language we would like to capture is its reflection of the Ojibwe culture–their relationship with the land and each other.


aaniin = hello, greetings

gigawaabamin = “you will be seen by me” or, see you (good-bye)

miigwech = “it is enough” or, thank you

Plant and Animal Names

Zhingob = Balsam Fir

Giizhik = Cedar

Zhigaagawanzhiig = Leeks

Amik = Beaver

Gaag  = Porcupine

Waabooz = Snowshoe Hare

Ajidamoo = Squirrel

Agongos = Chipmunk


Naad’mad’iwining = “The place where they help each other,” otherwise known as “Support Camp.” This is where guides and other support staff live, and where Seekers come in for their Dead Moon visits once a moon.

Nishnaajida = Camp Where the Old Way Returns, where Seekers live

  • Wabanong = in the East (name of our East camps)
  • Ningaabii’anong = in the West (name of our West camp)
  • Zhaawanong = in the South (name of our South camp)