About the Family Yearlong

In the spring of 2012 a collection of families with children, young adults, men, women, and elders will embark on our year immersed in the wilderness in the headwaters of Wisconsin. The cornerstone of the experience will be experiential learning of what it is to be as a clan: to meet our needs – emotionally, physically, and relationally – within a multi-generational clan of human and non-human relations.

The 2012 Family Yearlong will be the first to have an emphasis on sparking an active children’s culture, and co-parenting of children by adults and children of all ages. As usual, the clan will provide for many of its own needs by gathering, fishing, and trapping, making bark and thatch lodges, tanning leather for clothing, drinking wild water, bringing fire to the hearth in the old way, among other important lifeway skills and traditions. Our relationship with the natural world will be further enhanced by the qualitative skills of awareness and attunement that we will be returning to and nurturing: from weather forecasting, direction finding without map or compass, wilderness preventive medicine and first aid, to truthlistening and truthspeaking, understanding the voice of our dream guidance, circle consciousness, and so much more.

In this full-year immersion, clan-members will have the chance to experience poignantly the ebb and flow of relationships: within the clan, with weather and season, with blooming and wilting wild-harvests, with the habits of the animal, fish, bird, and insect realms, and with self and dreams. The richness of these relationships – direct and raw – creates opportunity for deep healing and reconnection with the Native within. The wisdom of the circle and gentle nudges from our guides will help us along the journey. And after a full turn of the seasons, we shall return to our families, towns, and cities bearing abundant gifts to share with our communities.

If you would like more information about the school and courses offered, visit their photo gallery, or check out their free articles, go to www.teachingdrum.org.

2 thoughts on “About the Family Yearlong

  1. This message goes to Fridolin!

    Lieber Frido, es ist schön zu lesen und hören was Du so erlebst, überhaupt ein Lebenszeichen von dir zu bekommen.
    Wir hoffen es geht dir gut und du bist gesund. Du erlebst ganz sicher eine sehr besondere und auch intensive Zeit. Wir schicken dir ganz feste Umarmungen und freuen uns, wenn wir was von dir hören.
    Alles Liebe und viiiiiiiiiiiel Gesundheit, eine gute und gesegnete Zeit. Heidi, Karim, Noah und Mia-Lena

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