Guardian At-Home Training

January 28th to April 8th 2018.

“It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself…” Charles Darwin


The emphasis of this 11-week training is to break free from long-established patterns that limit a person’s abilities and impact their perceptions of self, others, and community. 

By incorporating daily exercises into your day-to-day life and routines, you’ll be challenged to embrace your fears and expand your perceptions of yourself, your relationships, and the culture in which you live. You will awaken dormant parts of your brain and start noticing things around you that you didn’t know existed.

Watch the Guardian At-Home Training Video

“The self-consciousness exercises are great. I learned ‘I can do it because I want to do it’. That is powerful and liberating. At the same time I started to learn to relax while being active. Being on edge all the time is simply too exhausting. And with relaxation came better connection to and awareness of the world around me. And joy about being me and what I was doing.”  
“Sharing stories and exercises has been a new way for me to be with people. Doors opened up, and I know there are more to come. I will keep the training alive. I´m grateful to have joined this group.”
“This training has done wonders for rewriting my story and its subconscious scripts. I have so much gratitude for this; I am going to take away a lot. I feel like there is a long journey ahead of me, but I’m ready and will carry this on for the service of the Earth and her children :). It’s been a wild and wonderful time.”

Program Requirements

Daily internet access. Acceptance is not dependent on skill level or athletic ability, but on a desire to learn more about self, a willingness to face one’s fears, and a commitment to do the assigned awareness and attunement exercises to the best of your ability. The exercises take little extra time, as they are designed to be incorporated into your daily life and routines.

You will participate in daily e-mail sharings, which function as our virtual hearth. There we will gather around in the evening to share what we have learned and prepare for the next day’s training. In the e-group, you will receive daily stories, guidance, readings, and video links for the sensory attunement exercises.

The Training

Every morning we will start the day with a Zen story, to shake us out of ourselves and set the tone for the rest of the day. The stories act as triggers that are meant to cause reactiveness. We’ll walk with this story throughout the day, which will allow us to examine why the story affected us the way it did. Zen awareness helps to transition us from linear thinking and rational speaking to experiential being. This helps lift the veil created by our beliefs and preconceptions and shows us what is holding us back. Through a series of exercises, we will learn to sidestep our egos and function from our deeper mind. Soon we will be more aware of—and connected with—our surroundings. We will be lighter and functioning more efficiently. We will be directly communicating in Nature Speak, the common language of all living things: the animals, trees, plants, wind, and everything else around us. This puts us in constant communication with them and opens us to another way of being. In essence, we will relearn what it is to be human.

The exercises are designed to help:

  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Walk silently.
  • Increase sensory awareness.
  • Respond instantly.
  • Negotiate in the dark.
  • Function in unison with others.
  • Communicate nonverbally.
  • Notice what is commonly missed.
  • Read body language.
  • Go from ego-consciousness to circle consciousness.
“I challenged myself and learned a lot, and the new ideas have helped me so much to be more in the now. I will keep the training up in one form or another, because life is training and training is life.”
To get a feel for what it is like to be a trained Guardian, imagine life being a never-ending threshold. With every step, you see something new and fresh opportunities present themselves. One question leads to further questioning, charting a path into the unknown where there exists a future ripe with mystery and a longing for truth. This is Guardian consciousness.

We’ll be taking the quantum leap from merely existing to fully living by facing our concerns about what other people think, feel, and believe about us. We often project a false-image boundary to protect ourselves. To make double-sure we are protected, we talk and listen selectively. We’re going to learn another way of being—the way of listening and living from our heart-of-hearts. We will learn to enter the silence—a personal silence where we will relearn the experience of direct, wordless communication. Intuition, instinct, impulse, feeling…these come from deep within our limbic brain. This is where the wild animals truly function, and this is where we can reawaken our heart-of-hearts. It is the limbic brain that has the deep awarenesses and understandings that give us connection with life. Every evening, we will gather around the virtual hearth to share our stories of the day, which could include newfound awarenesses, struggles or successes with exercises, and questions. This sharing is essential: it is the life-breath of a Guardian camp, and breathing is not an optional activity. Each and all of us, then, will join in every evening. This is independent from different time zones across the world, you’ll post whenever it’s evening where you are. The guides will be posting regularly to instruct you in various games and exercises. You will also receive readings and links to instructional videos. During the last week, we will come together for a teleconference, where we’ll review what we have learned and cover methods for integrating it into our daily lives.

Course Information

Course Dates: January 28th to April 8th 2018. 
Tuition: $1800

Requirements: Daily computer and internet access

Successful completion of this course qualifies you for the Guardian Intensive Training Program.

If you have questions or would like an application, email Training (at) teachingdrum (dot) org to learn about upcoming course dates. 

Sliding Scale Details

We want to make the Guardian At-Home Training Program accessible to everyone!

Now accepting 3 more participants on a sliding scale tuition based on need, until the course is full.

Registration is first come, first serve.

Email ASAP to explore this excellent opportunity!