Guardian Intensive Training Program

80 days in the wilderness, a lifetime as a guardian

“We were setting up tarps with sticks only, using pack frames we made out of wood, and learning to carry our homes on our backs, making fire by friction without knifes or tools, learning to read the stories of a feather we found…learning the tracks and signs of wild animals…learning to have an inner compass and how to run and walk like water flows and see how a river is formed…”

“The results of the Training are amazing. It feels like life really wants me, and I want it too. It was probably always like that, it but now I am able to see it. Doors are opening one after another, and things where I usually struggled are now a pleasure. Every time I experience frustration, victimization, etc., I am able to pull myself back into Mission Mode. All in all, I feel I have matured as an real adult, full of gifts to share and full of capability.”

In 80 Days You will learn:

  • Survival food foraging
  • Scouting and orienteering
  • How to set up an invisible camp
  • Bow drill fire-making
  • How to live in the wild with minimal tools
  • Lost proofing, orienteering
  • Strength, endurance, and awareness building
  • Stealth running, canoeing, and swimming
  • Training games for intuition and sensory acuity
  • Non-verbal communication and signaling
  • Crisis response and management skills
  • How to read animals’ thoughts and intentions
  • The Guardian archetype and role
  • How to become invisible in the Forest
  • Integrating Guardian consciousness in regular life

If you resonate, you will struggle with the training – which you must, for struggle breeds strength.

If you are reacting, your training has already begun.

We assure you that this will be the most life-changing experience you have ever known.


Program Prerequisites: Successful completion of the Guardian At-Home Training. Learn more here.

Program Dates: Coming soon.

For questions about the Guardian Intensive Program, contact Makwa at Odemakwa (at) Teachingdrum (dot) org.

Learn more about the Guardian Intensive Program through the videos below.

To see deep like Owl and stalk silent as Cat
To swim easy as Otter and run agile as Fox
To move in sync like a pack of Wolves
Silent and swift, with no words

From day one

It’s up with the dawn

Living in a nomadic camp

Invisible to the outside world

Fire-making without tools

Or there will be no fire

Foraging for food

Or there will be hunger

No visitors

No outside contact

 “The part of the training that really changed my life was the idea of not playing the victim but really empower myself. I learned this through the challenges which were given by nature itself. Freezing under my tarp forced me to find ways to get warm…Even though the fire challenge was one of the things I hated the most during the training, today I am quite a fanatic about tending fires…I developed quite a close relationship to fire and I now get a lot of positive feedback from people for my gentle and meditative way of fire tending…and now that I’m back home, all my bow drill sets which never worked before suddenly function perfectly and I am now able to teach others!”