Entering the Mind of the Tracker: Native Practices for Developing Intuitive Consciousness and Discovering Hidden Treasure




“Whether you are an experienced tracker seeking to improve your tracking ability, or a novice tracker, intimidated by the left-brained science of conventional tracking, Entering the Mind of the Tracker opens up doorways of new possibilities and exciting opportunities to connect with the story of the land.”
—Thomas J. Elpel, author of Botany in a Day and founder of Hollowtop

Stepping beyond the shape of a footprint and into the unseen story of the track, veteran wilderness guide Tamarack Song takes you inside the eyes and mind of an intuitive tracker, with intimate stories where frogs show the way out of the woods, scat reveals life histories, and bears demonstrate how to find missing people.

Drawing from his years of surviving in the wild, apprenticing to native elders, and living with a family of wolves, Tamarack reveals how to achieve a level of perception like that of aboriginal trackers by becoming one with the animal you are tracking, whether Fox, Deer, Coyote, or Cougar. Sharing his innermost thoughts while following track and sign, the book’s adventures merge technical tracking methods with skills such as shadowing and envisioning, while demonstrating animal-reading skills considered outside the human realm. The author explains how to expand your awareness—to learn from nature by becoming nature—and tap into the intuitive tracking consciousness each of us has inherited from our Paleolithic ancestors.

Through his stories from the trail, Tamarack shows the art of tracking not simply as a skill for hunters and naturalists but as a metaphor for conscious living. By exploring the intricacies of the natural world, we explore not only our connections to the world around us but also our internal landscapes. We learn to better express ourselves and listen, meet our needs and help others. Intuitive tracking provides a path to finding ourselves, becoming one with all life, and restoring humanity’s place in the Great Hoop of Life. With a foreword by one of the legendary Shadow Wolves Bryan Nez introducing this collection of real life tracking stories, the book will bring out the tracker in you.

Read the transcript of an interview with Tamarack about how the book came to be.

Soft cover, 224 pages

Book Awards:

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award
Nautilus Silver Medal Book Award
Forward Review Book of the Year Finalist
Independent Publisher Book Award Finalist


More praise for Entering the Mind of the Tracker:

Real stories from the real world, simple and complex at the same time, and well worth pondering!
~Bill McKibben, author of the bestsellers The End of Nature and Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

A marvelous book written by a master storyteller and tracker. Through its powerful and poignant stories, you will feel absorbed in the world and spirit of Nature.
~Joseph Cornell, author of Sharing Nature With Childrenand John Muir: My Life with Nature

What I like about Entering the Mind of the Tracker is that it points to the wisdom of asking questions rather than having answers.
~Paul Rezendes, author of Tracking and the Art of Seeing