Matedness: Two Hearts, One Fire


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Author: Tamarack Song
Offered in both a paper and electronic form (PDF). Photo is not an actual representation of the booklet.

Chapter 1 My Awakening
Chapter 2 The Fire — What Is It?
The Qualities of Love
The Intendedness of Love
Love is Now, Love is Shared
Ecstasy is Created
Is it Possible for Me?
Chapter 3 Partner or Mate? Boundaries Decide
Will I Lose Myself In A Relationship?
Partnerships and Matedness
Boundaries and Matedness
Bliss without Boundaries
Chapter 4 Our Challenge – To Keep the Fire
Contentment Brings Oneness
Self-Love is Selfless Love
Serving versus Giving
A Working Love Is Love that Works
Chapter 5 The Matedness Ceremony
The Last Caress

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After Questing for our LifeDream, the next significant Rite of Passage for most of us is the Seeking of our Mate. This Special Person has been Intended for us since Birth, and has been preparing for our arrival. Our task is to prepare ourself for him/her, and then to awaken to his/her presence.

The coming together of Mates often happens naturally and spontaneously for Native People. Sadly, this is seldom the case for Civilized People. They usually end up in Relationships without their Intended, or if they are with their Intended, they don’t realize it. This is because of their disconnection from the Guiding Voices, and their listening instead to voices rising from their emotional woundedness.

The Guidance of our Elders has helped my Mate, The Woman Of The Four Colors, and me, to reconnect with those Guiding Voices and reawaken to Natural Matedness. Our Elders have now asked us to Guide others in their reawakening.

My Mate and I are passionate about this mission. She has had an awakening similar to mine, and will be contributing to this Journey some of the unique awarenesses of a Woman. In her words, “I weep for all our Brothers and Sisters who know not this Flavor, this delicate yet piercing Aroma of the Good Love. And I smile for them, as they will inevitably experience this Bliss.”

Yet we are just pioneers in the rediscovery–two People on a frontier flooded with forces that run contrary to our species’ Indigenous Mated Ways. An entire book would be needed in order for us to feel that we have done all we can to help you to the frontier. The little we share here can hardly be more than a first step. It will probably leave you with more questions than answers.

Yet if it broadens your awareness and opens you to possibilities, we have accomplished something. This first stride is often the most critical step in healing. From there, your own inner voices have a chance to reawaken and guide you. To continue helping you, we have included, at the end of this section, a listing of good reference materials.

It may seem that the poetry lacing this piece is from those first heady, romantic days of relationship. The fire that etches such words is normally expected to fade when the realities of everyday life set in. That is not so in a healthy, intended relationship. One reason for the poetry is to show what everyday Matedness can be when Love is its living, vibrant soul. Romance is never-ending, because romance is as intrinsic to, and inseparable from, mated Love as heat is to Fire.

The poetry is deeply personal and was not initially written to the shared, so it may well not resonate with some of you. A more important reason for its inclusion is to inspire you to strive for what is truly possible in Loving Relationship.

Some of what you will be reading might well run contrary to your beliefs on Love and Relationship. You could feel scared or threatened by the stark honesty and intensity of these Indigenous ways of Relationship, such as self-love first, no boundaries and everyday rituals. This sometimes happens when we first view something unfamiliar from the outside, only to find out later that it looks quite different from the inside. Allow this story of Matedness to take you inside, and chances are you will feel comfortable with what you find. That is because you will find that you are inside yourself, reconnecting with your own Indigenous ways.

You may also find yourself inside your present Relationship in a way that you could not have previously imagined. Or you might find yourself considering the type of Relationship you never before imagined. Either way, we wish you the Bliss of Matedness. It is your birthright–enjoy its rediscovery!