Medicine Plant, Medicine Animal: Ancestral Healer


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Author: Tamarack Song
31 pages, offered in both a paper and electronic form (PDF). Photo is not an actual representation of the booklet.

Chapter 1 The Coming of My Medicine Plant
Chapter 2 The Relationship
Is it Medicine or Dodemic?
Finding my Medicine Companion
Life Examples
Chapter 3 Talking with our Helper
Becoming the Wolf
The Voice of Symbols

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Civilized People are accustomed to having fellow Humans practice in the Healing professions. Natives, who view the Winged and Legged and Rooted Relations also as fellow People, have cultivated Healing relationships with some of them. I call these special non-Human Healers, Medicine Plants and Medicine Animals. Other common terms are Medicine Companion, Medicine Helper, Plant or Animal Ally, and Healing Partner.

Even though we have had these Medicine relationships since Ancient Times, few Civilized People have been aware of them. Yet throughout the Civilized Age, there have been a few Herbalists and other Healers who have known and worked with their Medicine Companions.

That is now changing. The disenchantment with modern medicine, along with the reawakening of the Native Spirit within us, has many of us searching for our Ancestral Healing Ways. This reawakening is sensitizing more and more of us to our Dreams and our Ancestral Memories. Some of us are visited by Plants and Animals who seem to be somehow connected with our Healing, or the Healing of another. We might have visionary experiences, such as the one you just read about, or we might hear voices and have intuitive impulses about Plants or Animals that we cannot explain.

All of this is happening because there is a need, a hunger. The need is within, for each of us to Heal back into who we really are. The hunger is a great one, felt by all who dwell in this Great Hoop of Life. We passionately yearn to Heal through this lean and tortured era of separation and return to the nourishment of Communion, the lushness of Balance.

A Mother comes forth to satisfy the hunger of her Child. The Mother of us all is now doing just that. It is no coincidence that our needs are being answered. Without us needing to ask without us even needing to be Thankful. She provides.