The Vision Quest: A Script for Life


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Author: Tamarack Song
63 pages, offered in both a paper and electronic form (PDF). Photo is not an actual representation of the booklet.

Chapter 1 The Path of Life
Chapter 2 My Quest
Chapter 3 The Missing Piece
Chapter 4 Why Quest?
Seeking the Self
Chapter 5 The Dream
Chapter 6 The Quest
The Guide
The Sponsor
The Dreamcoming
Chapter 7 Walking the Dream

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There comes a time in a young Person’s life when the security and direction of Youth give way to the nebulous stirrings and expansiveness of Adulthood. Childhood roles and relationships within family and community are rather clearly defined; guidance, shelter, and protection are assuredly provided. The metamorphosis of puberty changes that. The waning Child is driven by growing feelings of incompetence, inadequacy, and emptiness. He feels powerless, without worthwhile skill or talent. He no longer has a relevant identity. New, previously unknown feelings and energies seek expression. They demand a Path of their own.

These internal changes give the emerging Adult a sense of individuality and a base for knowing his Personal Gift. The last task of Childhood then, is to seek the LifeDream which will root him in Adulthood and set the course for his continued growing.

If he could not come to know and Walk his Path, he might, as do many, seek as much easy gratification in his life as possible. To friends and family, he would then remain as an adolescent. If, instead, his waning youth could culminate in the Quest for his LifeDream, he would find his fulfillment and sense of Adulthood by simply Walking his Dream. In the sharing of his Gift, he would find fulfillment as easily as a Squirrel tosses aside nutshells.

In the way that Butterfly lies in wait within her chrysalis, so also does a budding Adult’s DreamPath lie dormant within her. If she were Native, she would become consumed with the desire to grab hold of its substance. She would search for the complete Woman who sleeps deep within, and she would be driven to draw it out in order replace the outgrown shell of Childhood. With single-mindedness, she would seek the direct and primal link with her essence. She would open to the ritual ways that would bring her into the Circle of Balance with her Kind, and with all of her Relations — the Winged and Scaled and Furred and Leafed.

If she were to express her need, it would be direct and pragmatic — to know her LifePath and have clarity of vocation. Along with it, she would ask to be given the lessons that will teach her, to hear the Voices that will guide her, and to gain the strength that will carry her through.

In the Old Way, the strength of the group lies in the strength of each individual; in the Civilized Way, the strength of the group lies in the strength of its leader. If she were of the Old Way, she would know that she must seek and Walk her DreamPath, so that she could breathe her Gift into her People. Because that is what keeps them vibrant. She would then be literally of her People, and they would be of her. That would give her an intrinsic trust in the premise that as she provides, she is provided for.

In light of this, she would have little reason or inclination to seek her LifeDream strictly for herself. She would know through the collective wisdom that if she attempted to so do, she might not be given her Dream. And if she were, it could eventually consume her. In self-seeking, she would forsake her trust in the Circle of giving and receiving. That would break the Circle and in turn weaken her People. Having thus isolated herself from them, she would have undermined the very context of her life.